Challenges Before Indian Energy Sector

Having experienced near double digit growth over the last decade, India now faces the challenging task of meeting the aspirations of young India. I believe, that the expectations – employment, better life – can only be met with solving the energy deficiency in the country. Thanks to numerous policy reforms over the past 20 years, […]

Panel discussion on Challenges in the Indian power sector

Here are excerpts from a panel discussion that I attended today. I was joined by Dr R S Sharma, MD, Jindal Power and Dr Arvind Prasad, Director, FICCI on the panel. Pitching strongly for implementing coal price pooling in the country to meet increasing coal demand in the country, I was contesting that there is […]

Indians keen on electricity, not so much on gold

Akshaya Tritiya witnessed a sharp decline in Gold sales this year. The festival which serves as a traditional excuse by the hugely gold fanatic Indian population to stack up gold was hugely affected by economic uncertainty this time, see report. There was a steep fall of almost 15% in demand for gold with smaller jewellers and a […]

Strong Mandate will give us a Powerful nation

This election witnessed Mr Narendra Modi repeat a Rajiv Gandhi’s 1984 feat by acquiring a clear majority. Mr. Ratul Puri Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects Private Ltd predicts an implementation of the highly praised Gujarat model. With no tantrum display from alliance parties Mr Modi is expected to go all guns blazing on implementing a blueprint […]

Exempt power producers from payment of MAT

The current Government has to enact a fine balancing act in order to manage the Revenue gap, deal with Subsidies valued around Rs. 2,46,000 crore, Revive the GDP growth and more significantly Providing uninterrupted 24*7 power supply to the country. The fiscal deficit of about Rs 2,408.37 billion ($40.05 billion), or 45.6% of the full-year […]

Economic Survey pegging GDP growth at 5.4-5.9% is a practical number, possible if the slew of announced initiatives is implemented

The Economic Survey accurately captures the logjam by stating “What is particularly worrisome is the slowdown in manufacturing growth that averaged 0.2 per cent per annum in 2012-13 and 2013-14.” and an overall cost overrun of INR 1,57,802 crore (21.3% of the original cost) of 239 projects due to regulatory approvals, problems in land acquisition […]